Alive 2016: A Young Adults Retreat

After many years of praying and envisioning a place where this generation could gather with like-minded individuals, MCYA had its first ever young adults retreat in Olympia, WA on MLK weekend. Gathered were young and old, new and old faces from as far north as Alaska, all the way down the west coast to Visalia. The weekend allowed for plenty of time for rest and play, worship, and encouragement, as well as time for attendees to slow down and meet with God.

Pastor Coby was our speaker for the weekend. He did a remarkable job leading us to listen, reflect and share with one another what the Holy Spirit was revealing.

Session 1: When sin came into this world, it destroyed theunion between God and man. However, through the deathand resurrection of Christ, our relationship is repaired. We are meant to do life together, in community.

Session 2: We are blessed to be a blessing. We are to be salt & light of the earth. That following God takes big risk. That His promises are true and may not look the way we expect it. On the same day, we had an opportunity to reflect on past and current events, whether good or bad, that have shaped our story as we know it today. What a wonderful reminder that our stories do matter.

Session 3: Hope’s name is Jesus. No matter where we go, how hard it may seem, there is hope in the darkness. The same God that hovered over the earth when it was shapeless, formless, and void is the same God who is here today.

Session 4: At the table of God, there is a seat for ALL. To be a Christian is to be on missions. He allows us the privilege to be part of it, to join in. We are called to make disciples as we are going.

On Sunday morning, we were also privileged to partake in a panel discussion. Through their honesty, transparency, and vulnerabilities, individuals heard how God has been working in and through their lives and how they are being made ALIVE in Christ.

Even when raining, Black Lake Bible Camp provided great opportunities for individuals to bask in the beauty of God’s creation. That meant taking solo or group walks around the site, to having 1-on-1 time with different leaders, skipping rocks at the lake, or opportunities for great photos.

During the weekend, individuals engaged in creative worship and prayer as they rested and slowed down. Prayer stations were provided such as: reading and meditating on scripture, meditating on God’s love for us, examining our idols and repenting of them, confessing of our sins, and praying for our nation.

What an astonishing and refreshing weekend we had together. What overwhelming joy it brought to our hearts to hear the young adults singing from the depths of their hearts, yearning for more of God. To be fully engulfed in His presence, drowning out any distractions that would hinder them. Their cries echoed so loudly throughout the room. Intentional communities were formed as individuals were vulnerable in sharing their fears, questions, desires, and hopes with others. What a wonderful glimpse of what God is doing with this generation of young adults.

As each individual’s story unfolds, we can’t wait to witness all the things that God has moved them to do and how they will be a part of what God is already doing in their communities. Each person’s story will be different and unique. There is no cookie cutter way of how God will use these young adults and future generation.

Please continue to pray with us.


The MCYA Team