In Every Season: A Young Adults Conference

Last weekend, MCYA’s “In Every Season: A Young Adult Conference” happened in Richmond, CA. God listened. God spoke. and God moved. // Among the 80+ participants ages 18-30s or higher, our community of faith welcomed every individual with enough grace, love, and mercy to understand that we don’t have it all together but He does – and that should keep us far away from trying to be “perfect” in every way and rather rely on the true God who breathed life into us and calls us His children. Reminding you that You – are a child of God, He – is a child of God, She – is a child of God…and They – are children of God.

Our hope was for our Young Adults to fully understand their gifts and abilities, to encourage them in where they’re at, and love them for who God has made them to be – which I believe God did just that. Our speakers David, Sen, Michael, and Pastor Kristoffer shared stories of how they struggled, responded, and fully love God in the midst of all – to inspire the rest of us on the same journey. Through the testament of their own lives, obedience and faithfulness takes over.

This wouldn’t have happened without your support, prayers, and love. I truly thank you for praying with us for this conference – for I know God has answered every desire and heart that was placed into this event. If you were an attendee, I also thank you for your teachable spirit to walk into this place humbly and ready to hear from God. You are the generation we have been called to serve and our team is ready to move alongside you to what He is calling you to. Let’s stay in touch. xx

– Karen Saechao,
In Every Season: A Young Adult Conference, Event Director


Thankful for our keynote speakers who shared their stories as local community leaders.